Life of a street kid…

I find the streets, Shaded by the yellow and white sparkling moon tied on the poles, And the heavy rhythm of moving houses passing each other, I feed in the rich air, of strong scent from the well arranged nature to the top, Indulge myself with freedom, Endless freedom, Unchained voice, Dressed in coded linen […]

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Sweet death

Bridge ya heart na brain ni veins Niko na different perspective ya life cz nimelive in vain Ink inalive through me, inarun deep in my veins So naandika story ya huyu boy alimadwa juu ya love, Story ya dem alimstab 25 times juu ya love, Passionate death kwa crib, Murder iko committed na one believed […]

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Sweet irony

How will i tell my kids that i was in a school with no certificate? How will i tell my son that i spent two years behind the bars with a wide bar between my freedom and sleeping on the floor? How will i tell my daughter that i ate beans dawn to twilight? How […]

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Right Kind of perfect!

With you i smile, With you i go miles, Loving me means you accept my issues, Loving me is never easy because i have my highs and lows, But you still chose to love me, Life can be full of hurdles but i promise i will stand by you, I will always kiss away the […]

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Many words left unsaid, Many letters left undelivered, Many are hopes for the future, But this…. It is a yes…. I’m tall and slender but I’m not a model, I’m light skinned but I’m not a slay Queen, I don’t put on tons of make ups, I don’t love the Brazilian human hair but love […]

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Loving you taught me what life was, Loving you made me feel like the taj mahal, Loving you made me dream of visiting the Eiffel towers, Loving you made me feel like i was living in a modern fairytale, Loving you made me feel like the words in a poem. Just like the rose flower […]

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I’m still in love

When i tried to touch the sky my hands were not long enough, I love you to the point where i question my sanity, I love you to the point where i have to be selfish to myself, But right now we’re strangers, I miss the old you, I miss the old loving us, I […]

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