Mystery man

A lone wolf trying to figure out how it’ll fit in the cloak A shot of tequila trying to think how it won’t burn my throat “_I’ll always be there for you and the baby_” the mystery man said The mystery man taught me how to hide my feelings from the third party I hustle […]

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I am never too good with words neither am i great with emotions I remember those days when I’d get mad at my mum when she’d tell me not to fall in love When she told me that love is a mere illusion But i fell in love nevertheless… Not like I was disobeyed to […]

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Darker shade of red

*_nyeusi ya wananchi_* so why should we bleach our beautiful dark skin just to be white thinking we will be bright We need to lay in the dark room at night and wake up in a broad daylight to wear a bright smile on our already tired face and dark souls Brutality is what we […]

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Naked soul

NAKED SOUL Purity Your pure soul puzzles my mind, How you show me love, The forbidden love The fairy tale love, I don’t know if you’ll love me, I love you i don’t like you, Your love is beautiful like the Taj Mahal, An art that only the heart can design, The purity you have, […]

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Poison isn’t poison

I get goosebumps where our skins touchLike my body recognizes the poison you’re made ofYou’re quite a trend setterWith maroon being your best colorWith you I feel like a wolf between the sheepBut don’t wolves get bitten by snakes?With you it’s like I’m a puppetAnd you know which strings to pull If I am the […]

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Okoa girl child

_i quit. I can’t make it_ Is all she laments She knows no happy dance. Always many would call her princess They knew not that deep down she hated herself She hates it when everything seems right but she’s left handed She hates it when the world calls her princess when she rules no kingdom […]

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Fare thee well uncle

Goodbye is something we say after hey, Smile is what we do before crying, You know the circus of life right? When i learnt how to talk you said hey to me When i was six and a cry baby you used to take a picture of me just to tell me “smile” When mama […]

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Why do i love

Down me the chills you send,My spine can’t get enough of it,Despite,The bruises,The scars,The stump,From within me came up the spirit,The gentle you,A lamb white and clean,Spotless with beauty colouring its surrounding. My heart beat unusual on our first talk,My muscles sink deep whenever we do,Something pediatric i cannot tell,Day one and my mind was […]

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